I can't remember the last time I had a chance to just sit down and play with the code for this site. After taking one look at the current PHP code, I decided it just wasn't worth the hassle trying to fix it. I originally wrote the backend of this site when I first learnt PHP and it was not a pretty sight. I want to believe I could never write such horrible code, but I was learning so it's predictable that the code would suck. I've now rebuilt the site from scratch.

My next task is to organise the content of the site, and as such, I'm going to start actually writing some decent notes. In the past I've generally just posted a link to something which I found interesting (hence the name of this site), or talked about new versions of browsers and how they handle standard compliance, etc. From now on, anything like that I'll just post on my Twitter account instead, and the notes on this site will be more like full articles or tutorials on a particular idea. I've gone ahead and removed past notes which don't fit this new theme, since they weren't really linked from anywhere anyway and aren't going to be historically useful. As for new notes, I already have a few ideas drafted out which I'll post up soon. It would be nice to actually get some content added every now and then rather than me just being too lazy to update, as it has been in the past.

I've also completely dropped IE6 support. This is my personal site, and less than 1% of visitors use IE6. While I always like to make things available to as wide an audience as possible, it's just not worth my time to do twice the work to get this working in IE6. I'm sick and tired of having to deal with such a completely useless browser. So you now get a non-styled version of the site if you use IE6.
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Hi! I'm Rich. By day I work on security at PagerDuty. By night I wear a cape and fight crime1. I'm on Twitter as @r_adams, and sometimes write things on the PagerDuty blog.

1 probably not true


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